Leneisja Dennie Marija Jungsberg

Leneisja Dennie Marija Jungsberg

Enrolled PhD student

I am a Ph.D. student at section for Landscape Architecture and Planning while also employed as a Research Fellow at Nordregio in Stockholm. My Ph.D. project examins how local strategies can create local development in rural areas in the Nordic and Arctic regions. Some of the cases I am working with focuses on: 

  • Community-driven social innovation
  • Local strategies retaining benefits from resource-based industries 
  • Planning coping with climate change such as thawing permafrost in local communities

The Ph.D. study is financed by Nordregio, Nordic thematic group for demography and welfare, Northern Periphery and Arctic programme - REGINA and Horizon 2020 Nunataryuk project. I started in 2017 and expect to finalise the study in 2021. 

ID: 124586855