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The PhD Program

We currently have the following PhD openings

Deadline 1. April 2019

Section for Geology

Volcanological and geochemical study of Quaternary to recent silicic volcanism in the Loicas Trough in the Southern Andes.
Contact: Assistant professor Nina Søager,

Section for Geography

High altitude methane oxidation, field measurements and modelling,
Contact: Professor Bo Elberling,

Moving beyond the myths about the drivers of agricultural land abandonment (using remote sensing)
Contact: Associate profesor Alexander Prishchepov,

Analyzing forcing mechanisms from climate change and human land management on savanna ecosystems aiming at an improved understanding of past and future changes in savanna vegetation functioning and composition using remote sensing.
Contact Professor Rasmus Fensholt,

Section for Forest, Nature and Biomass

Soil carbon stocks and stock change in Danish forests. 
Contact: Professor Lars Vesterdal,

Redox processes and electron flow during enzymatic decomposition of lignocellulose.
Contact: Professor Katja Salomon Johansen

Forest and tree growth as influenced by age and climate.
Contact: Thomas Nord-Larsen/Vivian Kvist Johannsen,

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PhD School
As a PhD student at the Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management you will be enrolled at the PhD school af Science.

PhD student
Here you will find information related to the PhD study.

PhD studies and information about courses 

Information about living in Denmark

If you are able to finance your study by finding external funding or by a scholarship from you home country, please contact Christine Bøcker Pedersen,

PhD Coordinators at the Department

Erik Dahl Kjær
(+45) 353-31624
Section of Forest, Nature and Biomass
Forest and Landscape College

Henriette Steiner
hst @
35 33 10 33
Section for Landscape Architecture and Planning
Peter Engesgaard
(+45) 353-22464
Section of Geology - GEUS
Thomas Friborg Thomas Friborg
(+45) 353-22574
Section of Geography

PhD Secretary

Christine Bøcker Pedersen
(+45) 353-27106
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