2018-2018: 45 international and Danish MSc students at The Urbanism Studio course explores the 1970 housing area, Folehaven, aiming for an acknowledging approach. Teachers: Ellen Braae, SLETH office (Lars Jensen and Jeppe Bonne Olsen), Josh Reed and Peng Ding.

2018: 55 international and Danish students study the Master level course Affordable Housing Landscapes between home and common (MSc Theories and Methods in Landscape Architecture,15 ects) 2018. The course studies Danish social housing estates from the 1960s and 1970s and contemporary social housing, in which landscape plays significant roles. By discussing the key challenges for affordable housing landscapes in the present and by in-depth studies of the characteristics and capacities of specific housing landscapes, the course discusses the role of landscapes in housing estates and in cities, in a past, present and future perspective. Teachers: Svava Riesto, Ellen Braae, Kristen van Haaren, Lærke Keil.

2018 Students with a particular interest in Welfare Landscapes begin their work on master thesis projects on Welfare Landscapes supervised by Ellen Braae and Svava Riesto and carried out in contact with the research project.

2018: First year students of landscape architecture explore photography on recent housing estates in Greater Copenhagen (BSc Plan and Design 15 Ects) with Ellen Braae.

2017-2018 Erasmus + teacher exchange with the Technical University Delft. The master course on Methods and Analysis studies Dutch and Danish welfare landscapes from the 1960s and 1970s with fieldwork and workshops in Copenhagen. Lærke Keil and Svava Riesto are guest teachers at the course in Delft. In collaboration with Willemijn Wilms Floet and Hans Terdes, TU Delft.