Tala Maria Aabø

Tala Maria Aabø


Present activities:

  • Teaching MSc course NIGK21002U; Processing of Seismic and Georadar data.
  • Data compilation and closing of AWF1 work package: Chalk Outcrop Analogue Potential: Evaluation, Modelling and Impact from Cross-disciplinary approaches (DTU Offshore / Danish Underground Consortium).


Onshore fracture characterization in chalk, Rørdal Quarry (Aalborg Portland):

3D data integration and static modelling using digital outcrop models (DOMs), ground penetrating radar (GPR) and shallow seismic. Fracture characterization based on analyses of 27 400 manually interpreted fracture pics. Geo-mechanical dynamic fracture simulations using DFM algorithm.


Offshore fracture characterization, Kraka Field (North Sea):

Data correlation and scale-gap reduction by combination of borehole imagery (BHI), cores, amplitude seismic and ant-tracked RGB seismic (attribute volume for structural enhancement).


Temperature modelling, Norwegian offshore sector:

Development of empirical equation to deduce static formation temperatures (SFTs) from well-log-header data, bottom hole temperatures (BHTs), using drill stem test temperatures and well logs as references for SFT and thermal gradient, respectively.   


Various work:

Data visualization | Background studies on Danish and Norwegian North Sea sectors and the Barents Sea | Wireline log and seismic interpretation, practical applications and teaching | Public and motivational speaking | Creating teaching materials.  


Key competences:

Data analyses, data integration, workflow development, software proficiency, scenario analyses.  

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