City of events

A lecture in the series Copenhagen Landscape Lectures, fall 2016

Public lecture with Ali Madanipour, Professor of Urban Design and Director of the Global Urban Research Unit, Newcastle University

7. September 16.30
 Festauditoriet, Bülowsvej 17, Frederiksberg C

City of events

City of events

From pop-up shops to street festivals, from mobile buildings to temporary gardens, the temporary construction and use of urban space is widely discussed and practised, as part of a growing international trend that can be found in different fields, where many invest their hopes and energies in what they think of as innovative and fashionable. This lecture develops a critical analysis of temporary urbanism, trying to understand, analyse and problematize it. What it is, what role does it play and how may it effect the future of the urban environment? Is it an interim fashion aimed at filling short-term economic gaps or a reflection of structural change and an instrument of transformation with long-term impacts. If it is associated with the multiplication and acceleration of temporality in the city, does it make life more precarious or more creative?

Ali Madanipour is Professor of Urban Design and Director of the Global Urban Research Unit (GURU), School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape, Newcastle University. He is internationally recognized for his research on urban design and planning, public space and urban governance, and urban neighbourhoods and social exclusion. 

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We thank Scandesignfonden and Center for Strategisk Byforskning for funding this lecture.

The lecture is public. It will be followed by an informal reception.