Biocultural dimensions of urban resilience

Double lecture with perspectives from Melbourne and Copenhagen,
Cathy Oke and Flemming Rafn Thomsen

September 19 16:30, Van Langen Auditorium, Rolighedsvej 23

This exciting lecture brings an international perspective to current debates on urban nature and climate resilience, examining tensions and opportunities in urban nature planning and design. City Councilor Cathy Oke from the City of Melbourne will present Melbourne’ s climate adaptation  strategy with a specific focus on the city’s acclaimed ecosystem and place-based approach to urban biodiversity and urban greening. Danish architect Flemming Rafn Thomsen will bring a design-oriented perspective to Copenhagen’s climate resilience plan, engaging in examples of how people, architecture, and nature symbiotically inform each other.

Cathy Oke is a city council member in the City of Melbourne and is the char of the Environmental Portfolio for the city.
She has over 20 years' experience in the sustainability sector. She has a PhD in molecular science. Cathy is the Knowledge Broker for the Clean Air and Urban Landscapes Hub, part of the National Environmental Science Programme, based in Earth Sciences University of Melbourne. Cathy is also an Associate at the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute (MSSI). Prior to this Cathy was a research fellow at the Interdisciplinary Conservation Science Research Group wihin the Centre for Urban Reserach at RMIT. For 8 years Cathy worked in environmental education and events with the Kids Teaching Kids program. Cathy has been a Councillor at the City of Melbourne since 2008. At ICLEI, Cathy is the chair of the Regional Executive Committee of ICLEI Oceania, a member of the Global Executive Committee and Biodiverse Cities portfolio holder. Cathy is also a founding board member of Tipping Point Australia

Flemming Rafn Thomsen is the founding partner of Tredje Natur and aims to blur the deep divisions between city and nature in Danish architecture.
Architect, landscape architect, founding partner at Tredje Natur, responsible for the artistic development of the company’s agenda Nature & City, Unite! Flemming is fascinated by the power and the potential the anthropocene nature generates, and aim to short-circuit the entrenched divisions between city and nature in Danish architecture.