Urban Imaginaries – Drone imagery and Data Modulation as New Affective Actions?

November 27 at 16.00 – 18.30, Rolighedsvej 23, Frederiksberg C, aud. Landskab

Join us for the second event in the COPENHAGEN LANDSCAPE LECTURE SERIES FALL 2018 – Integrated Futures, Urban Imaginaries

A film, two lectures and an exciting discussion regarding the role of data, drones, ground experiences and ownership of land are featuring:

  • Ignacio Acosta, Artist and researcher, ignacioacosta.com (UK)
  • Pia Fricker, Researcher, Department of Architecture, Aalto University (FIN)

The artistic exploration and effects of data and media mediation, and humans impact on urban landscape changes, opens up new perspectives on what digitization can mean physically, socially and politically for new urban imaginaries, landscape practice and education. Hence we seek to discuss artistic work approaches in relation to natural science approaches needed for future perceptions and actions.

Ignacio Acosta will give a lecture on ‘human rights, drone film and the relation to ground experiences’ together with a screening of his film ’Litte ja Goabddá’ [Drones and Drums]. Acosta’s film has just been part of the research project and exhibition Drone Vision. Warfare, Surveillance, Protest’. Acosta's practice and focus on interaction between geology, physical sites, and what is happening locally with landscapes, human rights and ownership of land using new media, pinpoints the increased digitization focus and debates in the research and education of landscape architecture. www.ignacioacosta.com

Pia Fricker will speak about experimental integration of emerging computational methods in the span of large-scale landscape architecture and urban design, and thus discuss aspects of Data-driven Design in the Realm of Mixed Realities. Fricker has in recent years pushed exploration in 'Experience Research in Spatial Immersive Data Interaction' and thus qualified questions of digitization in the landscape architecture and urbanism education and profession. Pia Fricker has 1 June 2018 received the Digital Landscape Architecture Award 2018 for her contribution to education in Digital Landscape Architecture for the paper: ‘The real virtual or the real real – Entering mixed reality’ awarded by DLA.

Following these perspectives, Associate Professor, Rikke Munck Petersen will facilitate a conversation between the speakers with questions from the audience. We will end with a wine reception supported by the Scan Design Foundation.

This Copenhagen Landscape Lectures event is supported by:
The Research Group of Landscape and Urban Planning/IGN
The GIScience/Geodesign Research group/IGN &
The DFF/FKK Network for Research on Drones and Aesthetics

For more information contact Rikke Munck Petersen rmpe@ign.ku.dk