Day zero: What can a drought prone city do to prevent dry taps? The case of Cape Town

Cape Town – a rapidly growing city of four million – is currently suffering from the worst drought on record. After three consecutive dry years, including the two driest years on record, the reservoirs supplying the region are nearly empty. Extreme water restrictions – limiting per capita daily use to a mere 50 liters – have been implemented and contingency plans made for a complete shut-down of 75% of the system with water only available at 200 water points guarded by the army.

What to do about this situation? Storm water harvesting and managed aquifer recharge may in combination with improved water use efficiency increase the resilience of the city. Can it be done? Together with Vand i Byer-netværket, the Faculty of Science at the University of Copenhagen is inviting interested to join us for an afternoon where researchers from University of Cape Town give details on the challenges and present their ideas on how to improve Cape Town’s resilience towards climate change through water sensitive urban design.

To enhance collaboration we have invited Danish specialists to contribute too. Participation is free, but registration is necessary. Please register here.

Please register and find the program here