Nordic perspectives on temporary urbanism

Temporary urbanism is a rapidly growing phenomenon in urban landscapes of the Western world. There has been a growing interest in understanding the socio-economic processes of temporary urbanism and in how micro-spatial temporary urban practices are contributing towards urban regeneration, economic attraction, and the reshaping of urban places and urban life.

In this seminar, it will be discussed how the increasing focus on temporary urban activities – both strategic and unplanned – create new urban processes and influence urban life in Nordic cities.


9.30-9.50: Welcome and introduction to the theme of the day
v. Anne Gravsholt Busck & Christine Benna Skytt-Larsen, IGN, UCPH

9.50-10.30: Temporary urban activities and the right to the city: temporary urbanism in Sweden
v. Anders Lund Hansen, Lund University

10.30-10.40 Coffee Break

10.40 -11.20: DIY-urbanism and urban activists: temporary urban activities in Denmark,
v. Louise Fabian, Aarhus University

11.20-12.00: Temporary urban activities and urban culture: strategic urbanism in Finland,
v. Rami Ratvio, University of Helsinki 

Alle er velkomne og det er gratis at deltage.

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Seminaret er støttet af Center for Strategisk Byforskning.