Cultural interventions

During the conference we are housing a pop-up bookstore with a special selection of titles inspired by the conference theme. Moreover, we are are screening two films, documenting the demolition of the modernist housing estate Blok P in Nuuk. On the first day of the conference we will listen to a repertoire of traditional and avant-garde Nordic music, performed by the Faroese vocal ensemble Mpiri in a mini-concert during the afternoon coffee break. 

Find more information about these cultural interventions here.

Pop-up Bookstore

For inspiration and further reading about the topics, presented by various speakers, we have made a temporary ‘pop-up bookstore’ adjacent to the Lecture Hall where you can browse through interesting titles, reflecting the theme of the conference.

We are collaborating with three leading voices within the field. From the Danish Architectural Press you not only can buy books for a special conference price, but also get acquainted with the new magazine in English Twentyfirst. Furthermore, you can acquire international titles from the Danish Architecture Center’s bookstore.

Lastly, the University of Copenhagen’s own bookstore Academic Books will sell William S. Saunders' anthology Designed Ecologies: The Landscape Architecture of Kongjian Yu (Birkhäuser, 2012) and there will probably be a rare opportunity to have it signed by the keynote speaker Kongjian Yu himself.

Please remember to bring cash (DKK)! 


During the conference we are screening two films by the artists Rikke Diemer and Peter Jensen, previously shown at the group exhibition Blok P, Nordatlantens Brygge, 15 November 2013 – 06 April 2014

Demolition of Block P - A time-lapse video
Rikke Diemer and Peter Jensen
2 mins. 26 sec.

Using two web cameras, Rikke Deimer recorded the meticulous and month-long demolition process of Greenland's largest residential complex, Block P, the symbol of Greenland’s failed concentration policy of the 1960s. In 2012, over a period of five months, she documented how the demolition progressed, and how this controversial and symbolic showcase in the middle of Nuuk was deconstructed, existing now only in the minds of those people, who experienced it.

The memory of Block P - A video installation
Rikke Diemer and Peter Jensen
35 mins.

The memory of Block P. Using video clips and interviews with former residents of Block P, the film adds a new dimension to the story of this controversial, concrete colossus in Nuuk. We hear memories of the time, when the housing complex was famous for the multitude of children, who played in and around it, for its kaffemikker (communal coffee-drinking) on the shared balcony, for the sense of community and for great parties. We also hear how, In contrast to life in the settlements, what luxury it was to have running water, flushing toilets and, maybe best of all, access to Nuuk’s shopping facilities.

The Faroese Vocal Ensemble Mpiri

MpiriMpiri is a Faroese vocal ensemble in Copenhagen, consisting of 15 singers from the Faroe Islands, Iceland and Denmark. Mpiri was established in 1998 and has held a long series of concerts, tours, and projects all over Europe. Mpiri has released several CDs and is featured on several other recordings. We aim to perform challenging music, have experimental performances and bring new expressions to the listener. We aspire to be active in bringing new music to life. Therefore we commission new music as often as possible. Since Mpiri was founded, we have commissioned more than 30 choral pieces. Apart from creating new music, we have been involved in many projects with other artists. In 2008/09 Mpiri toured with Saga Dance Ensemble, performing a modern dance version of the famous Faroese novel, “Barbara”, to the music of Trondur Bogason. Moreover, Mpiri has collaborated with the string quartet Doria and participate on recordings of Faroes artists, Teitur, Eivør and Valravn. In the fall of 2013, Mpiri worked with the FIGURA ensemble and soloists on the newly written opera, Alverden god Nat (Good Night, World) at the Royal Opera House.