ALPMEMA – Alpine Mountain Hay Meadows Management

Best practices to maintain their Favorable Conservation Status against underuse under different property right regimes inside and outside protected areas.


The overall aim of ALPMEMA is to identify best practices to maintain a favorable conservation status of mountain hay meadows despite the threat of underuse and to explain the influence of different ownership regimes as well as the location of such meadows inside of protected areas on these best practices.

In a transnational meta-analysis in five countries- Armenia, Austria, Germany, and Sweden, an interdisciplinary research team in close collaboration with local stakeholders will be comparatively:

  • identify, based on established knowledge in case studies, current best practices related to the maintenance of a favorable conservation status in such meadows 
  • identify innovative management tools, coalitions of actors and other new methods that are additionally suitable for the management of such meadows, 
  • explain the significance of different ownership regimes and the significance of whether the areas are located in or outside formally protected areas 
  • describe the condition linked to the use of these meadows through remote sensing and outline the main actual and potential spatial effects of underuse of such meadows using geographical information systems and 
  • develop scenarios for the management of mountain hay meadows in 2030 and 2050 through playful approaches with different stakeholders. 


  • Conduct fieldwork across selected study sites in studied countries,
  • Develop remote sensing approaches to monitor land management regimes in selected studied countries,
  • Test scalability and transferability of developed approaches across study sites,
  • Develop grassland management maps and indicators of different land regimes in grassland ecosystems,
  • Implementing and scaling our remote sensing solutions in the cloud,
  • Based on collaboration with project partners, project favorable land management regimes under the different scenarios
  • Publish and disseminate the results
  • Team building.





Funded by:

Project: ALPMEMA – Alpine Mountain Hay Meadows Management
Period:  2023-2026


Alexander Prishchepov
Associate professor



Leaders of the Danish team                       

Name Title E-mail
Alexander Prishchepov Associate professor University of Copenhagen E-mail
Christian Tøttrup Senior scientist DHI A/S, Denmark E-mail
Konrad Ireneusz Turlej Postdoc University of Copenhagen E-mail

Key project partners

Name Title E-mail
Volker Mauerhofer Professor Mid Sweden University, Sweden E-mail
Paul Van den brink Projektassistent Mid Sweden University, Sweden E-mail
Anna Parment Avdelningsekonom Mid Sweden University, Sweden E-mail
Katharina Gugerell Assistant professor University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, BOKU, Austria E-mail
Claudia Bieling Professor University of Hohenheim, Germany E-mail
Marianne Penker F. Prof. Dipl.-Ing. University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, BOKU, Austria E-mail
Verena Radinger F. Dipl-Ing. Dr.nat.techn. University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, BOKU, Austria E-mail
Alen Amirkhanian Director of Research American University of Armenia Foundation, Armenia E-mail