Study Programmes

The study programmes offered by the Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management are characterised by an excellent academic environment, where students can pursue their studies close to research and in touch with the natural world and their future working lives.

Students at IGN

We teach on study programmes on different levels:  six Bachelor’s programmes (two of which are professional Bachelor’s programmes), eight Master’s programmes, one vocational program and the PhD program.

The Master’s programmes and PhD programmes are offered in English.

Bachelor´s programmes
Geology–Geoscience (Danish)
Geography & Geoinformatics (Danish)
Landscape Architecture (Danish)
Natural Resources (Danish)

Professional bachelor´s programmes 
Urban Landscape Engineer 
Forestry and Landscape Engineer

Vocational programme 
Skilled Forest and Landscape Craftsmen
Master´s programmes
Geography and Geoinformatics
Landscape Architecture
Forest and Nature Management
Agricultural Development
Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
Nature Management
Climate Change
Sustainable Forest and Nature Management
Sustainable Tropical Forestry