How Site Matters: Public online lecture and conversation with Andrea Kahn

First and Second edition of How site matters

The concept of ‘site’ is fundamental to landscape architecture, urban planning and design. In 2005 educator, scholar and design practitioner Andrea Kahn, together with Carol J. Burns edited the book Site Matters. Design Concepts, Histories and Strategies. The essay collection was pioneering in its conceptualization and multidisciplinary approach to site thinking, and became a pivotal and vital reference within landscape architecture and planning, as well as other disciplines.

It is impossible to disregard the many ways current political crises, climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic affect our environment and the multiple zones of being we find ourselves situated within, amplifying the need to critically reflect, react and create with attention to site thinking. Based on the newly published 2nd edition, Site Matters- Strategies for Uncertainty through Planning and Design (2020), Andrea will take us through the generation and evolution of the book’s main concepts and arguments, outlining recent added perspectives on reading and writing sites in the Anthropocene, while also touching on the work of editing as a zone of discursive site thinking.

In conversation with the hosts of the CLL session, Anne Margrethe Wagner and Svava Riesto, Andrea will dive into further questions on how site matters – for practitioners, researchers and highly multidisciplinary settings. The event will include a Q & A, inviting participants to also share their questions and reflections.

Looking forward to ‘seeing’ you on zoom!

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