Climate Change Resilience in Urban Mobility

The CLIMACCESS project presents a comprehensive research effort towards a better understanding of the links between climate change scenarios, urban accessibility and the mobility of urban residents in the Accra region.

Through an interdisciplinary approach, our team of Ghanaian and Danish partners investigate the physical and human factors that determine the impacts of climate change on mobility and accessibility, with the aim of developing strategies for increasing climate change resilience within urban mobility in the Ghanaian capital.




















A Comparison of Satellite-Based Estimates of Urban Agglomeration Size for the Accra Area
Lasse Møller-Jensen, Albert Allotey, Richard Kofie and Paul Yankson 
International Journal of Geoinformation, 9(2):79, January 2020. 

UAV-borne, LiDAR-based elevation modelling: a method for improving local-scale urban flood risk assessment. 
Katerina Trepekli, Thomas Balstrøm, Thomas Friborg, Bjarne Fog, Albert N. Allotey, Richard Y. Kofie & Lasse Møller-Jensen. 
Natural Hazards 22-3-2022.


Methods for analyzing the mobility impacts of urban flood events 
30. December 2020. Ver. 1.2

Methods for processing and analyzing UAV-retrieved Lidar and RBG data covering selected areas in Accra 16. Februar 2021

Accra Flood Modelling - Workflow documentation, 2. December 2020 


Kick-off workshop report27.  June 2018

Influence of climate change on the future precipitation pattern in the region of Ghana
31. January 2019 

Report on the Field validation of UAV-Lidar point clouds data (for flood modelling) in Accra: The case of Santa Maria, University of Ghana Legon Campus/Okponglo and Adenta. 21. January 2021 

Change Detection Analysis of heavy rainfall events in Accra from 2018-2020 using Sentinel-1 SAR. 22. March 2022


Conference publications

Consistency in remote sensing-based urban mapping for growth and mobility analysis, 
Lasse Møller-Jensen and Albert Allotey
ISPRS Archives, XLII-4/W16, pp. 675-676, 2019

IGN working paper - settlement reports 

Urban expansion and consolidation in Accra’s peripheries: An examination of development and flood risk in four settlements. IGN Working Paper Series, 
December 2020 

Policy briefs

Flooding in Accra: Between ineffective spatial planning and climate change. Climaccess Policy Brief No 1, May 2021

PhD course reports

PhD course report by Prince Martin Gyekye, 
August 2020 


Introduction to the Inception Workshop27. June 2018.

NADMO presentation for Inception Workshop 27. June 2018. 

Urban mobility patterns, livelihood strategies and vulnerability27. June 2018. 

How can local risk of flooding be analysed using drones?27. June 2018. 

Stormwater screening of Accra.27. June 2018. 

How may we indentify flood-prone areas from city-wide terrain models?18. August 2018. 

CLIMACCESS presentation at open-day (CSIR-INSTI)20. September 2018. 

CLIMACCESS presentation at CSIR-INSTI workshop. 18. October 2018. 

Consistency in Remote Sensing-based Urban Mapping for Growth and Mobility Aanalysis.15. October 2019.

UAV-LiDAR observations increase the precision of urban flood modelling in Accra by detecting critical micro-topographic features. EGU Conference 29. April 2021

Impact of urban expansion on livelihoods in Accra. G. Yiran. 10. Nov 2021.

The effects of perennial floods on the urban mobility patter in peri-urban Accra. S. Y. Fiatornu. 8. Dec 2021.


Arc-Malstrøm: A 1D hydrologic screening method for stormwater assessments based on geometric networks
Thomas Balstrøm and David Crawford, Computer and Geosciences vol 116, July 2018. 

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The project is funded by Danida/FFU with DKK 9.8 mill.
Project Period: March 2018 – December 2023


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