Project period: 1.10.2011 – 1.10.2015

Woody biomass must contribute more to meet fossil energy independence by 2050 as well as the EU renewable energy goals. At the same time sustainability and the provision of ecosystem services must be ensured, now and in the future. Increased production of biomass from the Nordic and Baltic forests can be a part of the solution.

ENERWOODs was a project funded by Nordic Energy Research under the program Sustainable Energy Systems 2050. The project objectives and dissemination strategies involved two temporal scopes:

  • Short term (2011-2020), with focus on increased utilization of wood based bioenergy from today’s Nordic forest, building on the current energy infrastructure and use of fossil resources.

  • Long term (2020-2050+), where fossil resources will be reduced to a minimum from the energy supply and forestry exhibits an increase in productivity.




















The project was funded by: Nordic Energy Research (NER)


ENERWOOODS has received a five year funding from Nordic Energy Research

Project: ENERWOODS - Forest energy in a sustainable energy system
Project Owner: Vivian Kvist Johannsen
Project Manager: Palle Madsen
Start: 1.10.2011
End: 1.10.2015

Total project budget: 18.6 mill NOK (NER contributes with 14.0 mill NOK)