The GREEN SURGE Handbook

By clicking on the headlines below you will find selected outputs from the GREEN SURGE project 2013-2017. The outputs are all focused on how Urban Green Infrastructure can contribute to a sustainable future for cities by addressing major urban challenges. The challenges are related to land use conflicts, biodiversity conservation, climate change, demographic changes, a greener economy, and human health and wellbeing.

This handbook is a selection of findings and examples, compiled into policy briefs, factsheets, guidelines, recommendations, and main messages which are all tailor-made for decision-makers such as planners, policy-makers, and other practitioners. We hope this handbook can be useful and inspiring and help to shape the future of our cities by bringing the Urban Green Infrastructure concept up-front!





























































































Photo showing Stephan PauleitProf. Stephan Pauleit
Project coordinator

Photo showing Anton Stahl OlafssonAss. Prof. Anton Stahl Olafsson
Project manager










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GREEN SURGE was funded by the European Commission Seventh Framework (FP7)

Project title: GREEN SURGE:
Green Infrastructure and Urban Biodiversity for Sustainable Urban Development and the Green Economy
Start: 2013
End: 2017

All scientific deliverables

Here you can read all scientific deliverables from GREEN SURGE. The Deliverables are organised according to the workflow and working package structure of the project.