6 May 2024

In search of a very special plant: red peat moss (Sphagnum medium)

Global Wetland Center

At the newly established Global Wetland Center at the University of Copenhagen, researchers headed by Guy Schurgers are trying to understand the complex global system that all these wetlands together form.

Red peat moss (Sphagnum medium)

Peat moss grows over centuries forming a thick mat that stores CO2 out of the way. Red peat moss and other small peat mosses are the foundation of the raised bog. In this episode, we go to Lille Vildmose in Denmark. When we step out into the bog, we encounter a completely unique sight: the vegetation barely reaches higher than your ankle, with the exception of a few slender birch trees, which here and there have found a foothold...

Listen to #Plantejagten (only in Danish) and find out more about why peat bogs are so important for CO2 accounting. And for the Tollund man.