4 September 2013

A golden jubilarian in the middle of the woods

On Sunday 8 September 2013, the Forest & Landscape College (Skovskolen) in Nødebo is celebrating 50 years of educational and scientific contributions to the green sector. Everyone is welcome to join in the celebrations.

Indvielsen af Skovskolen i 1963The minister was wearing a helmet and had been thoroughly instructed in how to use a chainsaw when he opened the Forest & Landscape College in 1963.

Minister of Agriculture Karl Skytte sawed through a spruce lath placed across the entrance to the school’s main building. It marked the culmination of several years of work by employers, trade unions and politicians to raise the competencies of Danish foresters.

Developments on three different fronts kick-started the initiative: The forestry in-dustry’s need for qualified labour, technical developments after the Second World War and a unique partnership between industry, trade unions and relevant depart-ments on good, hands-on forestry courses. At the same time, the modern chain-saw had been invented, bringing with it a need for new training courses and ac-company facilities.

From forest to nature and health

Since opening, a lot has happened on several levels at the college. The number of courses on offer – and thus the number of students – has increased markedly, on several occasions prompting the need for more buildings. At the same time, the school’s green focus has broadened, says Head of Education Anders Bülow:

“We have moved out of the forest, into the open landscape and deep into the city. Today we work with forests and the countryside, parks and the landscape as well as outdoor life and communication. Green areas now have a place on the political agenda as a valuable resource in our welfare society for learning, well-being and health.” It was the college’s focus on learning, communication and health which, in 2011, led to the establishment of its latest department, the Knowledge Centre for Outdoor Life and Nature Communication.

The college’s 50th anniversary is being celebrated on Nature Day, Sunday 8 Sep-tember from 10.00 – 15.00 at Nødebovej 77A, 3450 Fredensborg. Everyone is welcome!

For further information about the anniversary, please contact:
Anders Bülow, tel. +45 4045 1154, email andb@life.ku.dk

Forest & Landscape College – programmes
Urban Landscape Engineer, Forestry and Landscape Engineering, Skilled Forest and Landscape Craftsman, Outdoor Guide, Nature Interpreter and diploma and Master courses in outdoor life. In addition, vocational training within forestry, park, landscape management and outdoor life.

Organisation: The college has previously been run under the auspices of the Minis-try of Agriculture, the Ministry of Environment and Energy and the Ministry of Edu-cation. Today, the Forest & Landscape College is part of the Department of Geo-science and Natural Resources at the University of Copenhagen.



 Written by Anette Ketler, ketler@life.ku.dk