22 October 2013

New strategy ready for IGN


The Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management (IGN) now has its first strategy. It describes the visions and ambitions of the newly formed department which deals with geology, geography and geoinformatics, forestry and natural resource management, biomass, landscape architecture and planning.

IGN 2016The overall vision is that students, staff and collaboration partners should regard IGN as the research and education environment that provides the best opportunities for solving national and global challenges within the Department's research fields. This includes challenges  arising from climate change, natural disasters, landscape use, urbanisation , natural and water resources, biodiversity and biomass production.

In the period up to 2016, the aim is also to study new inter-disciplinary research activities with a view to setting up new, high profile basic research centres. Our aim is also to be the preferred partner for private enterprises and public bodies when it comes to research, development and innovation within the Department’s field of academic expertise.  We already have a strong tradition of close collaboration with the outside world that we should like to retain and further develop for the benefit of knowledge transfer and innovation.  IGN’s courses are also due to undergo a process of on-going development, amongst other things by establishing new specialised lines and by developing new courses.

The new strategy is an extension of 2016 – University of Copenhagen Strategy (pdf) and the Faculty's Science 2016 Strategy and is very much intended as a tool for the Department itself.

The Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management was created on 1 January 2013 following the merger of the Department of Geography and Geology and the majority of Forestry and Landscape  The new department has around 450 Staff, about 2000 students and annual turnover of about DKK 330m. Academic staff are organized in four sections with a total of 20 research groups. IGN also has significant responsibility for 10 Master’s courses, six Bachelor courses and a vocational course.

For more details, please contact the Head of Department, Prof. Niels Elers Koch at nek@life.ku.dk, T: (+45) 3533 1515 / 2123 0742.

By Tilde Tvedt, tit@life.ku.dk