4 April 2014

New Professor of Landscape Architecture

New Professor

Ellen Braae was appointed in the spring of 2014 as professor of theory and methods in landscape architecture at the University of Copenhagen. The professorship strengthens landscape architecture as a research discipline and its role amongst other things in sustainable urban development.

Ellen Braae

Ellen Braae. Foto: Inger Ulrich

Ellen Braae wishes to use the new professorship to put research into landscape architecture at the University of Copenhagen on the map of Europe. She says:

”As an area of practice, landscape architecture has moved from being a kind of annex to planning and building architecture into a strong, independent discipline.  Our knowledge of being able to manage change is absolutely key in urban development which will in future be about using smart ways to recycle what we already have. Nowadays we have become really good at this and others will benefit from what we know."

As a professor of theory and methods in landscape architecture, Ellen Braae will be undertaking research in this field as well as being an overall charge of landscape architecture education at the University of Copenhagen. On the subject of this challenge, she says:

”We educate the landscape architects of the future to be kind of orchestral conductors. They need to have an eye for users and to take holistic and interdisciplinary approaches. All the good intentions and knowledge of sustainability must be employed and in the final count, lead to an enriching design - that is often the role of the landscape architect."

Ellen Braae was educated as an architect and landscape architect and was also previously appointed as a limited tenure professor at the University of Copenhagen. She also acts as head of studies for graduate students in landscape architecture.  Aged 49, she currently lives in Aarhus with her two boys of 14 and 16.

Written by Karen Sejr, Communication Officer, ksp@ign.ku.dk