Oxygen Constraints on Microbial Secretomes during Plant Cell Wall Turnover

The OxyMiST consortium will establish how oxygen contributes to whole plant cell wall (PCW) degradation by microbial secretomes. The role of oxygen in promoting and restricting these enzymatic processes has been largely overlooked in the past.

The project extends from environmental microbial diversity to metasecretomics, from controlled laboratory PCW degradation to defined enzyme reactivity, and from molecular structure to fine-tuned enzymatic modifications. Leading scientists in Copenhagen, Marseille and Cambridge will take advantage of existing expertise and infrastructure to develop new advanced methodologies such as phylopeptidomics for this study.

The primary outcome of this research will be a completely revised view of the dynamic and temporal changes in the spectrum and activity of enzymes secreted during the turnover of PCWs. In particular, the constraint imparted by the dissolved O2 in two ecosystems (peat and wood) will be defined.







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