Business collaboration

Cooperation with IGN can take place in many ways from knowledge exchange, consultancy, joint research projects and thesis and PhD projects. IGN's experts help your company with specialized analyses, investigations and risk assessments.

Advice in individual cases

IGN advises your company on specific challenges, such as pest control etc. Your company finances the assignment, and the results can be shared.
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Research collaboration

IGN's experts help your company with specialised analyses, investigations and risk assessments. Results are provided in a report, which often leads to savings for the company. Both parties contribute resources and share the results.
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Industrial PhD and industrial postdoc

Recruit a researcher to access our specialised knowledge and research.
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Access to research facilities

As a collaborator, you can access our laboratories and other facilities.
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Collaboration with students

Collaborate with bachelor or master's thesis students to solve specific tasks in your company. Consider also employing an industrial PhD or postdoc.
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Internship and project collaboration

Become a host for our students who will participate in internships, do bachelor projects or write master's theses in collaboration with your company.

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You can also host an internship for a student from the study programmes Forestry and Landscape Engineering, Urban Landscape Engineering, Natural and Cultural Heritage Management or Skilled Forest and Landscape Craftsman.

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Contact the heads of studies:

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Free project and job portal

Post announcements about projects, internships and student jobs to UCPH's students.
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