Yang Xu

Yang Xu

PhD Student

Research field

Remote sensing of water environment

Ongoing research
Using deep learning-based methods to extract and map human-transformed areas surrounding lakes and coastlines
Possibly current publications
Assessment of Landsat atmospheric correction methods for water color applications using global AERONET-OC data, International Journal of Applied Earth Observations and Geoinformation, 2020. (Author No. 1/4)
Four-decade dynamics of water color in 61 large lakes in Yangtze Plain and the impacts of reclamation, Water Research, 2020. (Editor Assigned, Author No. 1/5)
Anthropogenic transformation of Yangtze Plain freshwater lakes: patterns, drivers and impacts, Remote Sensing of Environment, 2020. (Author No. 8/12)
Unrealistic phytoplankton bloom trends in global lakes derived from Landsat measurements, Preprint, 2020. (Author No. 4/6)

ID: 247678220