Hao Xia

Hao Xia

PhD Student

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    My research interests primarily focus on land use sciences, ecosystem services, biodiversity conservation, and social-ecological systems. In my work, I apply integrated methods and techniques, such as GIS and spatial analysis; satellite remote sensing; econometric model; and social network analysis.

    I moved to Copenhagen from China to pursue a full Ph.D. degree in Dec. 2020 and work on coupling land use, ecosystem service, and conservation within a social-ecological context to develop sustainable spatial planning pathways to achieve multiple goals of biodiversity conservation, ecosystem service maintenance, and human well-being enhancement.

    My current work elaborates on the spatial-temporal heterogeneity of ecosystem service interactions, social-ecological outcomes of protected areas, and spatial conservation prioritization.

    In addition, I am also passionate about studying the nexus between land use and farmers' livelihoods, especially the transformation of farmers’ land use behavior and livelihood strategies and its social-ecological outcomes in Ecological Functional Zones of China.

    Primary fields of research

    land use/land cover change; ecosystem service; biodiversity conservation; human well-being

    ID: 256662137