Geomorphology, processes and landscapes

Our research focuses on geomorphology, sedimentology and transport processes in fluvial, coastal, estuarine and marine environments.

We work on scales from grains to landscapes and from seconds to millennia. Our research contributes to integrated planning and management of river basins and the coastal zone in a changing environment.

Geomorphology, processes and landscapes















Members of the Research Group

Name Title Phone E-mail
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Aart Kroon Professor +4535322509 E-mail
Anders Anker Bjørk Assistant Professor - Tenure Track +4535331655 E-mail
Anna Adell PhD Student   E-mail
Bent Hasholt Associate Professor Emeritus +4535322507 E-mail
Drude Fritzbøger Christensen Postdoc   E-mail
Flora Salomé Huiban PhD Fellow +4535335604 E-mail
Mads Lykke Dømgaard PhD Fellow +4535325038 E-mail
Mikkel Fruergaard Assistant Professor - Tenure Track +4535322516 E-mail
Thorbjørn Joest Andersen Professor +4535322503 E-mail
Troels Aagaard Professor Emeritus +4535322511 E-mail

Head of Research Group

Thorbjørn Joest Andersen
Phone: +45 35 32 25 03