The research group GIScience/Geodesign is focussing on GIS, geodesign and geodata – both as a computer based technique and in relation to the scientific and epistemological foundation of the field.

Activities and topics involve collection, storage, analysis and presentation of spatial data. Further also the context e.g. in terms of communication, planning processes and public participation is involved.




















Members of the Research Group

Name Title Phone E-mail
Andreas Aagaard Christensen Assistant Professor +4535331917 E-mail
Christian Fertner Associate Professor +4535331782 E-mail
Erling Andersen Senior Adviser +4535331813 E-mail
Hans Skov-Petersen Professor +4523828045 E-mail
Lene Fischer Associate Professor +4540115084 E-mail
Patrik Karlsson Nyed Academic Research Staff +4535331832 E-mail
Richard Hare Teacher +4535331781 E-mail
Thomas Balstrøm Senior Adviser +4535335396 E-mail

Head of Research Group

Hans Skov-PeterserHans Skov-Petersen

Tel.: +45 35331816
Mobile: +45 23828045