The research group GIScience/Geodesign is focussing on GIS, geodesign and geodata – both as a computer based technique and in relation to the scientific and epistemological foundation of the field. Activities and topics involve collection, storage, analysis and presentation of spatial data. Further also the context e.g. in terms of communication, planning processes and public participation is involved.

GIScience and Geodesign


  • Climate Change resilience in urban mobility" finansieret af Danida over 3 år. Analyse af skybrudskonsekvenser i Accra, Ghana (Thomas Balstrøm)
  • Guy Carpenter, re-insurance co., Belgium: Flash Flood Development Method (Thomas Balstrøm)
  • ESPON ReSSI – Regional strategies for sustainable and inclusive territorial development (Dec 2016 – Nov 2017, )(Christian Fertner)
  • H2020 URBAN WASTE - Urban strategies for waste management in tourist cities (June 2016 – Mai 2019, (Christian Fertner)
  • SINKS 2 – finansieret af Miljø- og Fødevareministeriet (Patrik Karlsson Nyed)
  • Langsigtede feltforsøg – finansieret af Hartmann-fonden (Patrik Karlsson Nyed)
  • Transparent Urban Waterways, Climate-KIC - finansieret af Vejle Kommune (Patrik Karlsson Nyed)
  • Natur på recept (Patrik Karlsson Nyed)
  • GROW (Patrik Karlsson Nyed)
  • Socialt udsatte brogeres rumlige adfærd i Odense. Finansieret af Odense Kommune (Hans Skov-Petersen)
  • Opdatering af den digitale overflademodel i henhold til opførte bygninger. Finasieret af Styrelsen for Dataforsyning og Effektivisering (SDFE) (Hans Skov-Petersen)

Completed projects

  • Urban structure and bicycling. Project for the Danish Nature agency (in collaboration with the technical university of Denmark).
  • Human movement patterns in urban spaces. PhD project
  • Mafreina - Management toolkit freizeit und natur. Agent based modelling
  • Bikeability – cities for zero emission travel and public health
  • Recreations’ effects on nature
  • Wildlife and landscape. Land use change detection and Agent Base Modelling


Articles with peer review

A Diagnostic Post-Occupancy Evaluation of the Nacadia® Therapy Garden / Sidenius, Ulrik; Karlsson Nyed, Patrik; Lygum, Victoria Linn; Stigsdotter, Ulrika K. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, Bind 14, Nr. 8, 882, 2017.

A Long-Term Follow-Up of the Efficacy of Nature-Based Therapy for Adults Suffering from Stress-Related Illnesses on Levels of Healthcare Consumption and Sick-Leave Absence: A Randomized Controlled Trial./ Corazon, Sus Sola; Karlsson Nyed, Patrik; Sidenius, Ulrik; Poulsen, Dorthe Varning; Stigsdotter, Ulrika K. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, Bind 15, Nr. 137, 15.01.2018.

The efficacy of nature-based therapy for individuals with stress-related illnesses: A randomized controlled trial / Stigsdotter, Ulrika K; Corazon, Sus Sola; Sidenius, Ulrik; Karlsson Nyed, Patrik; Bøving Larsen, Helmer; Fjorback, Lone (In press)

Effects of upgrading to cycle highways - An analysis of demand induction, use patterns and satisfaction before and after. Skov-Petersen, H., Jacobsen, J. B., Vedel, S. E., Nielsen, T. A. S. & Rask, S. 1 okt. 2017 In: Journal of Transport Geography. 64, s. 203-210

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Thermal Imaging Systems for Real-Time Applications in Smart Cities. Gade, R., Moeslund, T. B., Nielsen, S. Z., Skov-Petersen, H., Andersen, H. J., Basselbjerg, K., Dam, H. T., Jensen, O. B., Jørgensen, A., Lahrmann, H. S., Madsen, T. K. O., Skouboe, E. B. & Povey, B. Ø. jun. 2016 In: International Journal of Computer Applications in Technology. 53, 4, s. 291-308 15 s.

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Kortlægning af skov med potentiale for høj naturværdi i Danmark / Johannsen, Vivian Kvist; Kepfer Rojas, Sebastian; Schumacher, Johannes; Karlsson Nyed, Patrik.

Udvikling i Agerlandet 1954-2025: Kortlægning af Markstørrelse, markveje og småbiotoper. / Caspersen, Ole H.; Karlsson Nyed, Patrik.

En introduktion til langsigtede feltforsøg – en metodemæssig udvikling af en internetbaseret formidling af langsigtede forsøg / Jørgensen, Bruno Bilde; Riis-Nielsen, Torben; Karlsson Nyed, Patrik; Kudahl, Thomas; Sørensen, Ib Holmgård; Knudsen, Morten Alban; Stranddorf, Marlene; Johannsen, Vivian Kvist.

Socialt udsatte borgeres rumlige adfærd i Odense. Skov-Petersen, H., Carstensen, T. A. & Lund, D. H. 2017 1 udg. København: Institut for Geovidenskab og Naturforvaltning, Københavns Universitet. 26 s. IGN Rapport.

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Members of the research group

A major part of our activities are related to teaching and research in collaboration with other academic fields of the institute: Geography, landscape architecture, forest inventory, landscape planning, urban design, and recreational planning.

  • GIS/CAD: A platform for geo-communication and spatial planning support systems.
  • Geodesign: A new field of knowledge integrating the descriptive focus of GIS on registration/mapping and analysis with the prescriptive, design oriented modus of CAD/Design systems.
  • Spatial movement patterns: Registration, analysis and simulation of individual human beings in urban or natural spaces.
  • Simulation of human behaviour: Cellular Automata Models (CA) and Agent-Based Models (ABM).
  • Historical maps and land use change detection.
  • Open GIS and open geo-data.
  • Remote Sensing and LIDAR.
  • Big data - the vast amount of data presently coming out of public space. Big data that can include tracking data (from GPS/smartphones), social medias (e.g. Facebook or Twitter), Internet transactions (e.g. Internet retail activities) etc.