Landscape Architecture and Urban History

Cities and landscapes have always been made and inhabited by people from different walks of life, but history books tend to tell the tale of just a few architects, who are presented as masters.

In the Research Group for Landscape Architecture and Urban History, we draw a more comprehensive and accurate picture of how the designed environment came into being, and how it has been used, valued and changed across time.

We provide historical perspectives and methods that can help to advance more inclusive and just ways of constructing and living with buildings, cities and landscapes in the future. We offer knowledge and frameworks that can enable societies to learn from the past and to address heritage in ways that promote resilience and equity.

As a group, we strive to be an inclusive forum for mutual development, and we are always open for proposals for people interested in working with us.



23 April at 15.00

Public lecture: Writing Architectural History from Below

–The Architectural Formation of Modern Iraq

Public lecture with Prof. Huma Gupta held at Copenhagen University’s Frederiksberg Campus, Rolighedsvej 23, meeting room “Von Langen”. Organized by the Research Group for Landscape Architecture and Urban History, University of Copenhagen.

Contact: Svava Riesto and Henriette Steiner

19 June at 13:30-17:00

Women and Gender in Architecture
Landscape and Urban Design – Roundtable and Workshop

European Architecture History Network. Special Interest group meeting. Contact: Svava Riesto and Luca Csepely-Knorr


29 February at 14:00-15.30

February CIRCLE

– Healing Community through Healing Land

CIRCLE seminar with Alexandra Burgos-Thorsen held at Copenhagen University’s Frederiksberg Campus, Rolighedsvej 23, meeting room “Bellahøj”. Organized by Intersect.

22 February

Peace with the Earth

Anne Pind will be presenting her current research at the ‘Agenda Earth’ kickoff event in Valencia, Vesterbrogade 32, with the presentation ‘Peace with the Earth’. The event is hosted by Arkitektforeningen and Dreyers Fond.

14 December at 13:00-17:00

Diversifying Architectural Histories

Student workshop and public event co-organized by the Research Group of Landscape Architecture and Urban History with the Royal Danish Academy’s PACS programme. In the Women’s Building and the Monk’s cellar at the University of Copenhagen. Speakers. Barbara Penner, UCL, Meike Schalk, KTH, Henriette Steiner, UCPH, Anne Pind, UCPH. Chairs: Anne Pind and Svava Riesto. Workshops in collaboration with Beata Hemer.



Metaphorical Houses

Five homes for five women by seven women architects in conversation with: Barbara Hepworth, Agnes Martin, Madelon Vrijsendorp, Orlando/Virginia Wolf and Josephine Baker. The ongoing project is supported by the Dreyer Foundation and Statens Kunstfond.

The work contributes the 2024 publication ‘The Dream – Play – Challenge Project. Facing Up to the Crisis in Residential Living

The collective ‘Metaphorical Houses’: Ida Flarup Mathilde Lesénécal, Maria Mengen, Anne Pind, Anne Romme and Tine Bernstorff Aagaard

Planning with youth project (2020-2024)

In collaboration with Södertörn University, KTH, and Wageningen University, this project aims to assess challenges with youth involvement in planning by testing new methods and developing an intergenerational framework for planning of blue-green infrastructure in public places. Financed by the Swedish Research Council for Sustainable Development FORMAS.

Read more about the Planning with youth project

Natalie Marie Gulsrud

Politics of maintenance, cultures of care: Ecofeminist movements in histories of architecture

This project explores four historic milieus in the Nordic countries between 1850 and 1940, at the intersection of feminism and environmentalism. The central inquiry is to comprehend how instances of ecofeminist spatial practices, in conjunction with care ethics, may have contributed to diversity in architectural approaches. The study places particular emphasis on maintenance and repair practices.

PhD Fellow Anne Pind. Supervisors: Niels Grønbæk Associate Professor at the Royal Danish Academy and Svava Riesto and Henriette Steiner, both Associate Professors at University of Copenhagen

Street Theatre, Spontaneity and Participatory Design: Revitalising Public Spaces Through a Cultural Intermediary:

In Jinan, amid rapid urbanization and an aging population, elderly migrants, primarily from regions like Luxi Nan, rejuvenate traditional Yu opera through street performances. Born of urban isolation and a desire for social interaction, these events offer more than entertainment; they serve as therapeutic spaces rekindling cultural memories and social bonds. My PhD explores spatial dynamics and social relationships within these venues. By analyzing their spatial elements and topological structures, I aim to generate a spatial paradigm for urban design, particularly catering to inclusive recreational spaces for the elderly amidst aging populations' social needs.

PhD Fellow Xiaohui Zhang. Supervisors: Henriette Steiner, associate professor at University of Copenhagen and Natalie Körner, Assistant Professor at the Royal Danish Academy

Urban solutions to green transitions – at UCPH

The Urban Solutions to the Green Transition Living Lab in Nordhavn invites researchers, practitioners, policymakers, and local stakeholders to engage and help develop platforms for exchange, collaboration, and solutions to pressing challenges. Read more about our research agenda and upcoming pilot projects. The Living lab is supported by the
University of Copenhagen Green Solutions Centre.

Natalie Marie Gulsrud

Women in Danish Architecture: A new History of Gender and Pracice

By studying women who worked in landscape architecture, architecture and urban design in Denmark from the 1930s to 1980s, this project aims to contribute to a more complete understanding of Danish architecture history, and to do so in new, more engaging, and more inclusive ways. The aim is to write a history where architecture was not created by great individuals but through mutual and creative collaborations.
Read more at the webpage for Women in Danish Architecture

Svava Riesto and Henriette Steiner (PIs), Jannie Rosenberg Bendsen, Mathilde Merolli, Frida Irving Søltoft, Liv Løvetand Rahbek, Mathilde Lundt Larsen



We are responsible and co-responsible for these annual courses at the University of Copenhagen:

Further, we teach in various other courses and educational institutions in Denmark and in other countries, on bachelor, master, and PhD-level.

We also supervise Master and Bachelor-theses within our areas of expertise.




Members of the Research Group

Name Title Phone E-mail
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Alexandra Monique Burgos-Thorsen Guest Researcher   E-mail
Anne Holten Pind Visiting PhD Student   E-mail
Henriette Steiner Associate Professor +4535331033 E-mail
Liv Løvetand Rahbek Graphic Designer. +4535333328 E-mail
Natalie Marie Gulsrud Associate Professor - Promotion Programme +4521865524 E-mail
Svava Riesto Associate Professor +4535331768 E-mail
Xiaohui Zhang Enrolled PhD Student   E-mail


Svava Riesto
Associate Professor
+45 3533 1768

Searching for forgotten architects

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Film presenting the research methods used in the project Women in Danish Architecture.

Why green space matters for urban sustainability

Hear Natalie Gulsrud nuance the debate on green gentrification. We need just and caring approaches to the green transition and we should not leave anyone behind, including urban nature.

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