Landscape Architecture and Urban History

Cities and landscapes have always been made and inhabited by people from different walks of life, but history books tend to tell the tale of just a few architects, who are presented as masters.

In the Research Group for Landscape Architecture and Urban History, we draw a more comprehensive and accurate picture of how the designed environment came into being, and how it has been used, valued and changed across time.

We provide historical perspectives and methods that can help to advance more inclusive and just ways of constructing and living with buildings, cities and landscapes in the future. We offer knowledge and frameworks that can enable societies to learn from the past and to address heritage in ways that promote resilience and equity.

As a group, we strive to be an inclusive forum for mutual development, and we are always open for proposals for people interested in working with us.

Members of the Research Group

Name Title Phone E-mail
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Alexandra Monique Burgos-Thorsen Guest Researcher   E-mail
Anne Holten Pind Visiting Student   E-mail
Henriette Steiner Associate Professor +4535331033 E-mail
Svava Riesto Associate Professor +4535331768 E-mail
Xiaohui Zhang Enrolled PhD Student   E-mail


Svava Riesto
Associate Professor
+45 3533 1768