Co-creating Sydhavnen – University of Copenhagen

Research Project 2: Co-Creating Sydhavnen (APEN)

‘Co-Creating Sydhavnen’ explores methods of co-designing urban spaces with and for children. Methods include mapping and 1:1 prototyping with the aim of constructing three spatial interventions in public domains that encourage play activities and enhance urban green spaces. The project takes place in Copenhagen’s Sydhavnen district and ties into the area’s past and future green space strategies and morphologies.

This five-year interdisciplinary research project is carried out in joint collaboration between UC, KADK, and SDU and is supported by the Danish Foundation for Culture and Sports Facilities (DKK 5.2 million), the Tryg Foundation (DKK 2.9 million), and the Velux Foundation (DKK 2.6 million).

The UC partners are Associate Professor Bettina Lamm and PhD-fellow Laura Winge