6 December 2022

Project launch workshops


Two project launch workshops were held in Tumu (March 31-April 1, 2022) and Navrongo (August 8-9, 2022). The purpose was to introduce the project to partners and stakeholders and to get to know the study sites including their growth and expansion, challenges (e.g. role of climate change), physical outline, and population. Another purpose was to identify and meet relevant stakeholders and develop rapport with the local government. Stakeholders included public officials, political leaders, private sector actors and civil society (traditional leaders; community leaders; youth organisations; women’s organisations; and local NGOs).

Navrongo workshop map discussion

In addition, a central activity was group-based mapping of the overall governance landscape, including important places and phases of urban expansion, major changes in location of people and infrastructures and pressures on natural resource use. See examples of such mapping exercise outcomes below.


Resource map, Tumu

Resource map, Navrongo