Sense, Science & the Magic of Food


SESAM aims to demonstrate how scientific and digital insight among young people at school can contribute to solving some of the urgent and complex sustainability challenges. SESAM uses the interplay between the city's green transformation and food production/consumption to illustrate the role of science in society. Through the SESAM event and its preparation young people will learn more about careers in science and research.

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Food in the city's green transformation

The city's green transformation is more than ever on the agenda, and the growing and consumption of food is increasingly included in the planning of cities and their green areas. Cities are applying a wide range of instruments using in the development of urban food strategies. Everything from urban gardening, vertical farming, development of urban and peri-urban food value chains, plant-based consumption strategies, green public procurement and reduction of food waste. SESAM uses these as exemplars to demonstrate what science can do for society.

SESAM provides answers

But what about the young people in school? What role do they play? And how can scientific principles and digital insights assist in involving young people, citizens and entrepreneurs in the city's green food transition? And can we strengthen the use of learning about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) when it comes to sustainable food solutions? The SESAM program aims to provide answers to some of these questions.

The activities at SESAM are a combination of food labs, lounge talks, citizen science, competitions and quizzes.

Highlights in November

Together with our mentors from a broad range of scientific fields and teachers and students from four schools at different grade levels, we are in full swing developing SESAM, which reaches its preliminary peak on 27th - 28th November, when there are Open Science days at the schools. Follow us at Linked in SESAM and Facebook SESAM.

Funded by

The project has received funding from the EU program for research mobility – the so-called Marie Sklodowska Curie Action program

Project: Sense, Science & the Magic of Food (SESAM)
Period: Until 31st March 2021


Bent Egberg Mikkelsen
Department of Geosciences and Natural Research Management 
Tel.: +45 35 33 74 64

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