Reconfiguring Welfare Landscapes

This project explores relationships between landscapes of social housing and the construction of the Danish welfare state in the post-war period. Hereby we aim to establish a new understanding of landscapes of social housing as ‘welfare landscapes’ in order to contribute to the debate on their future preservation and development and to create new knowledge about architecture and welfare politics from a landscape perspective.

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Welfare Imagined exposes conflicting discourses of Danish post-war housing estates, documenting, analysing, and experimenting with the diverse narratives, images and ideas they have fostered. With a focus on the ‘green’ open spaces, visual and written archival material is studied alongside more recent cultural representations of the estates and their landscapes e.g. novels or films. This is complemented by on-site explorations e.g. with photography, thereby contributing to a re-configuration and re-conceptualization of the housing estates by means of creating new representations. We hereby aim to historicize, contextualize and provide a framework for critical discussion of the Danish post-war landscape architecture tradition and, in this way, illuminate the changing ideas behind the very concept of ‘welfare’ in this context.

Henriette Steiner, Associate Professor, Cand.Mag., PhD  (Cantab) (Subproject 3 leader)

Kristen Van Haeren, PhD fellow 

Anne Whiston Spirn, Professor MIT, AB member




































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Anne Whiston Spirn Professor, MIT E-mail
Thordis Arrhenius Professor, KTH E-mail
Tom Avermaete Professor, ETH Zürich E-mail
Paola Viganó Professor, UIVA +41 21 693 62 86 E-mail
Rodney Harrison Professor, UCL E-mail


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Welland – Reconfiguring Welfare Landscapes
Welland is a 4-year research project  funded by the Independent Research Fund Denmark.


The project is hosted by the section for Landscape Architecture and Planning.


Ellen Braae
Project leader

Cell: +45 29 17 71 17