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Nature, Health & Design

The research group work focuses on research, development and teaching within evidence-based health design and nature-based treatment with the aim to improve health outcomes for various user- and target groups.

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Nature, Health & Design is a multidisciplinary group of researchers, conducting research within a wide range of current research trends on interactions between man, human health, natural environment and health design. Most of the research has an applied perspective and is aimed at scientists, practitioners and students. Nature, Health & Design’s research expertise provides evidence to guide policy makers, city planners, landscape architects, and therapists in translating gained knowledge into practice.


Major research projects

PhD projects

  • Dorthe Varning Poulsen, physiotherapist. War veterans’ with PTSD experiences of nature-based therapy.
  • Ulrik Sidenius, landscape architect. Post occupancy evaluation of the design of the forest therapy garden Nacadia®

Completed projects



Members of the research group

Research fields of this group

  1. Health design within landscape architecture
  2. Nature-based (use and) treatment

Nature Health & Design Lab Logo

The group has established  Nature, Health & Design Laboratory  wherein  two projects have been established, the  Health Forest Octovia® and  the Forest Theraphy Garden Nacadia®.

The Nature and Human Health Information Portal

The research group administers the ‘Nature and Human Health Information Portal on Research and Practice’. The aim of this website is to establish a platform where information and experiences can be shared between scientists and practitioners and greater knowledge about nature and human health relations can be accumulated.