Arboreta – University of Copenhagen


As a part of education, consultancy and research IGN maintains three arboreta, two in Hørsholm, Denmark and one in Greenland. You can visit the arboreta.

The Arboretum in HørsholmThe Arboretum in Hørsholm

The Arboretum in Hørsholm is a unique collection of trees and bushes that appears as a beautiful park. The collection is made of around 2000 species and is the biggest collection of different trees and bushes in Denmark. The park is open for the public daily from 7.30 to sunset.

The Urban Tree ArboretumThe Urban Tree Arboretum

The Urban Tree Arboretum is a collection of trees that are traditionally used or can be used as urban trees. The Urban Tree Arboretum is the only known tree collection where prunings and documentations on the trees’ reaction hereto are systematically executed.

The Greenlandic ArboretumThe Greenlandic Arboretum

The Greenlandic Arboretum is one of the most extensive tree-line arboreta in the world, comprising about 150 hectares, with about 110 species and about 600 provenances.