29 March 2023

Presentation of research results

Two special sessions was hosted by the CLIMACCESS project at the AAG 2023 conference, supported by the Africa Specialty Group.

Four presentations of CLIMACCESS research results were made and provided insight into the findings of the project on urban climate change, flooding, mobility disruptions and livelihood in Accra.

Presentation 1: "Every time it rains": Navigating recurrent flooding, fragile infrastructure and associated mobility disruptions in  Accra’s periphery. Link

Presentation 2: Climate change-related risks in Metropolitan Accra: Is Glefe [in]visible to adaptation? Link

Presentation 3: Identifying storm water prone locations in Accra, Ghana from a 1D hydrologic modelling validated by UAV-LiDAR. Link

Presentation 4: Hotspots of flood-induced mobility constraints in Accra. Link