7 June 2023

Efficient routes for emergency response

The report presents a geospatial perspective on flood risk hotspots, transport networks and emergency response during major flood events in the four study areas - Adentan, Pokuase, Santa Maria and Glefe.

It covers some of the underlying characteristics of the four study areas that account for the creation of the flood risk areas. The Emergency Responder's base stations in the study sites were located and the specific routes to the designated flood-prone areas were ascertained.

Though the routes determined by the ArcGIS Pro network analyst or other digitally assisted methods are not necessarily favoured or suited for ERs use, lacking the individual responder's experience and knowledge of the local terrain, both the networks established by Google Maps and OSM could be useful for optimal route selection.

Richard Y. Kofie, Albert N.M. Allotey, Lasse Moller-Jensen, and Gerald Yiran:
A geospatial approach to the study of flood risk hotspots, transport networks and emergency response services in four peripheral areas of Accra. CSIR - Institute for Scientific and Technological Information. Technical Report, June 2023