29 November 2022

"Build-in" flood risk

New paper out:

Manja H. Andreasen, Jytte Agergaard, Albert N. M. Allotey, Lasse Møller‑Jensen and Martin Oteng‑Ababio (2022):
Built‑in Flood Risk: the Intertwinement of Flood Risk and Unregulated Urban Expansion in African Cities. Urban Forum

Urban flood risk is signifcantly shaped by ground conditions and the built environment, which are constantly modifed and transformed by human actions. The paper examines the intertwinement of flood risk and unregulated urban expansion processes in three selected sites in Accra’s expanding periphery.

The research highlights how the actions and inactions of a wide range of social groups and actors engaged in urban land administration and development contribute to flood risk in various ways, making flooding an increasingly alarming issue of citywide concern.

Link to paper here.