2 November 2022

CLIMACCESS sessions at AAG 2023

Research results from the CLIMACCESS project will be presented and discussed at dedicated sessions at the AAG 2023 conference (March 23-27)

In the sessions, we invite theoretical, historical, and empirical research thatattempts to compare and contrast insights on the flood-mobility disruptionnexus from case studies across sub-Saharan African cities. We invite papersfocusing on one or more cities in Sub-Saharan Africa, including Accra and Dares Salaam. In particular, we invite papers based on different methods (andcombinations of techniques) and sub-themes, and welcome papers thatexplore and discuss:
• Drivers of urban flooding and how they impact transport systems
• Dynamics of city expansion and mobility disruptions and how these interactat a city scale
• How/if recurrent (seasonal) flooding, related to climate change dynamics andbeyond, results in mobility disruptions
• The implications of mobility disruptions for different household types,differentiated according to livelihood situation, gender, location, etc., and howhouseholds prepare for and navigate these
• How road and transport systems are planned and governed at the city andlocal scales to address recurrent mobility disruptions and their impact onlivelihoods
• The socio-economic dimensions of the mobility disruptions and how theseare addressed by city governance and planning
• Other topics that bring together critical perspectives on issues related tourban expansion and floods, and mobility disruptions.