23 November 2022

Fieldwork and flooding

A round of follow-up interviews with residents were conducted in late November 2022 to follow up on the Climaccess mobility survey.

During the course of two weeks, Jytte, Manja and Martin, together with Eugenia and Hilda made 50 interviews with randomly selected survey respondents who had agreed to be contacted.   

Although outside the rainly seasons, short periods of rainfall during the interview period provided a case in point as to the direct implication for rapid road flooding and decreased mobility.

Interview teamThe interview team ready for take off to the urban neighborhoods

Even light rain creates flooded roads

reduced mobility in urban areasEven light rain creates flooded roads

stream is restrictedUrban development restricts natural flow of water

Mitigating floods 1

mitigating floods 2

Efforts to mitigate floods include continuously heigthening  barriers at entrance points