30 January 2020

New scientific paper on the spatial extension of the Accra agglomeration

Data on the size and extension of Accra is important for assessing the mobility and accessibility consequences of flooding. This CLIMACCESS paper compares different estimates from literature, discusses the differences in the applied definition of what constitutes urban areas and presents a new map of urban coverage based on segmented Sentinel satellite images. 

Find the paper here: 

Møller-Jensen, L.; Allotey, A.N.; Kofie, R.Y.; Yankson, P.W.K. A Comparison of Satellite-Based Estimates of Urban Agglomeration Size for the Accra Area. ISPRS Int. J. Geo-Inf. 20209, 79.

And click here to access the urbanization map of Accra on the Climaccess geodata portal.