20 December 2020

New technical Report - GIS

A new technical report on GIS methodology has been published on the web site. The report describes how to perform a GIS-based analysis to estimate the importance of each road for facilitating the mobility of urban residents and, hence, the potential mobility loss in case of flooding. The report further describes GIS-based methodology to map where these mobility-critical locations intersect with the flood prone urban areas (see WP-B methods report).

The objective of the CLIMACCESS Work Package C is to spatially analyze the vulnerability of the transport system within the context of the current urban development practices, the rapid urban expansion and the increased frequency of flooding using novel applications of GIS network tools. The aim is to analyze how and where flooding events directly affect the transport network by reducing or temporarily removing network connectivity at certain locations, and how this further affects levels of mobility and accessibility in different urban areas.

CLIMACCESS WP-C Team: Methods for Analyzing the Mobility Impacts of Urban Flood Events

The first maps of locations where urban floods may intersect with transport infratructure can now be found on the Climaccess Mobility Portal.