23 February 2015

New Head of Department at Department of Geosciences and Natural Research Management

Claus BeierClaus Beier, Director of Research at NIVA, will become the new Head of Department at IGN from 1 may 2015. He has been employed as Director of Research at NIVA, The Norwegian Institute for Water Research.

Claus Beier has through his career worked with research and research management within the areas of nature and environment with a special focus on biogeochemical cycles in terrestrial ecosystems under human-made influences from acidification, land use and climate changes – at DTU, Risø and as a researcher and senior researcher at Forest & Landscape from 1992 to 1996.

Claus Beier has coordinated and managed several Danish, Nordic, European and International research projects and research networks.  

Claus Beier will commence 1 May 2015 and is appointed for a 5-year term until May 2020.

Contact: Claus Beier, +47 98215463, claus.beier@niva.no