Jeppe Rendbæk Andersen: Access to and benefit of agricultural extension in Tanzania - A study from the Dodoma Region

Charlotte Friis Klevenfeldt: Sustainable Cotton Value Chains and CSR strategies in the Textile Industry


Sidsel Nørskov Thomsen: The impacts of organic standards on global value chain dynamics - A case study of the organic cotton value chain in Tanzania


Jens Flinch Jørgensen: The value chains of illegal drugs: A case study of the cocaine and heroin trade to Denmark

Peter Fredslund Jensen: Smallholders’ access to and demand for private sector agricultural extension services – a case study of contracted cotton producers in Mara Region, Northern Tanzania

Sinne Borby Ørtenblad: Livelihood strategies in the light of rural transformations and changing rural-urban linkages

Lykke Feld Andersen: Drivers of change in an irrigation-supported community in Tanzania

Astrid Vilshammer Christiansen: Agrifood transformation in Thailand: procurement system modernization and food safety standards

Jonas Gillett: The impacts of tobacco processing companies’ financial support of primary societies on rural development in the major tobacco growing area of Tabora Region


Pernille Nielsen: Alternative Food Networks: Investigating the linkages between Danish Food Communities and producers supplying to them

Thomas Vetter: Adapt or Die? The Modernisation of Agri-Food Markets in Indonesia and its Implications for Smallholder Horticulture Production


Anja Stokkan: Social Service Provision and Rural-Urban Inequalities: A Case Study of Decentralisation and Access to Education for All in Nepal