Environment and Society in Developing Countries

The aim of the research group is to contribute to understanding globalisation processes and human dimensions of global change in developing countries.

Group photo sept 2019

The group is engaged in a large number of externally funded research projects and several international collaborations.





























































Our research focuses on earth observation and land surface processes, the complexity of land use and land cover change, natural resource management, livelihood strategies and societal processes. This includes urbanisation, migration and rural-urban linkages, industrialisation processes and agro-industrial organisation, small-scale mining as well as climate change mitigation and adaptation. Methodologically, we work with qualitative and quantitative data and interdisciplinary approaches are strongly emphasised.

Head of Research Group

Niels FoldNiels Fold

Phone: +45 35 32 25 61
E-mail: nf@ign.ku.dk

Master's thesis topics

We would be pleased to include Master students in the work of the research group.

See examples of Master thesis abstracts.

Examples of our research

Research group members L.V. Rasmussen and O. Mertz show in a paper published in Nature Sustainability how agricultural intensification often fails to provide benefits for both human wellbeing and ecosystems.