Terrestrial Ecosystem Analysis Group

The research group of Terrestrial Ecosystem Analysis is doing research on climate, hydrology and soil in terrestrial ecosystems.

Field experiment with snow fence in Blæsedalen, Disko (Greenland).
Photo: Charlotte Sigsgaard.

The research group conducts research that mainly focuses on:

  • Quantitative measurements and improved understanding of physical, geochemical and biological processes in terrestrial ecosystems.
  • Processes studied at site specific scales are scaled up to ecosystem scale and used for predictions in order to assess environmental impacts.
  • Research is based on both field measurements, laboratory experiments and modelling.

























Members of the Research Group

Name Title Phone E-mail
Andreas Westergaard-Nielsen Assistant Professor - Tenure Track +4535325840 E-mail
Birger Hansen Associate Professor +4535322519 E-mail
Birgitte Kortegaard Danielsen PhD Fellow +4535331485 E-mail
Bo Elberling Professor +4535322520 E-mail
Carsten W. Müller Associate Professor +4535334125 E-mail
Changling He Senior Researcher +4535324166 E-mail
Charlotte Sigsgaard Academic Research Staff +4535322518 E-mail
Daniel Ortiz Gonzalo Postdoc +4535337652 E-mail
Guy Schurgers Associate Professor +4535337692 E-mail
Jaime Caballer Revenga PhD Fellow +4535330252 E-mail
Katerina Trepekli Postdoc +4535326798 E-mail
Lena Hermesdorf PhD Fellow +4535330069 E-mail
Louise Hindborg Mortensen Postdoc +4535332103 E-mail
Ludovica D'Imperio Georgiadis Postdoc +4535336298 E-mail
Mel Murphy Postdoc +4535327393 E-mail
Mikkel Toft Hornum PhD Fellow +4535331993 E-mail
Per Lennart Ambus Professor +4535336626 E-mail
Rasmus Jensen Academic Research Staff +4535335208 E-mail
Sarah Estela Kylborg Research Assistant +4535334522 E-mail
Sebastian Fabian Zastruzny PhD Fellow +4535336142 E-mail
Thilde Bech Bruun Associate Professor +4535333412 E-mail
Thomas Friborg Associate Professor +4535322574 E-mail
Wenyi Xu PhD Student +4535334612 E-mail
Ylva Sjöberg Associate Professor +4535330470 E-mail