Sedimentary Systems

The Research Group for Sedimentary Systems studies Earth's sedimentary record to reconstruct ancient environments and processes, Earth geo- and biological evolution and climate history, and sedimentary basins.

Sedimentary systems offer us an archive that documents changes in climate history, chemical and life evolution, environmental factors and dynamic processes at the surface of the Earth.

Sedimentary Systems - Bidart_precession-cycles

To read the sedimentary rock record, the group applies a broad set of stratigraphic, sedimentological, geomicrobiological, palaeobiological, biogeochemical, structural and geophysical methods. These investigations involve field sampling of sedimentary successions, lakes and oceans. Laboratory-based experiments, as well as the interpretation of boreholes, seismic data, and theoretical modeling of basinal parameters, palaeoclimate and oceanography aid us to reconstruct past Earth systems and build projections for future environmental change.














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Anita Fiorin PhD Fellow +4535337592 E-mail
Arne Thorshøj Nielsen Associate Professor +4535322376 E-mail
Asal Peydaei Postdoc +4535329787 E-mail
Christian J. Bjerrum Associate Professor +4535322405 E-mail
Christoph Korte Associate Professor +4535322480 E-mail
Debby Schmidt PhD Fellow +4535325837 E-mail
Emma Rysgaard Haxen Enrolled PhD Student +4535324696 E-mail
Irina Thaler Postdoc   E-mail
Kresten Anderskouv Associate Professor +4535322477 E-mail
Lars Ole Boldreel Associate Professor +4535322459 E-mail
Mads Engholm Jelby Guest Researcher +4535331379 E-mail
Malin Sofie Lindström Affiliate Professor   E-mail
Maya Dodhia Research Assistant +4593958096 E-mail
Mia Nørholm Guest Researcher   E-mail
Nicolas Rudolph Thibault Associate Professor +4535323350 E-mail
Nicole Rita Elisabeth Posth Associate Professor +4535334277 E-mail
Tala Maria Aabø Assistant Professor +4527609703 E-mail
Umid Kakemem PhD Fellow   E-mail

Head of Research Group

Christoph Korte
Associate Professor
+45 35322480
Nicole Posth
Associate Professor
+45 35334277