Spatial Change and Planning

This multidisciplinary research group focuses on urban and rural development, and spatial planning for urban areas, landscapes and rural districts.

Landscape picture with fields. Photo: Jørgen Primdahl

The group aims to provide an integrated understanding of the urban-rural continuum, comprising cities, peri-urban areas and rural districts. Research conducted in the group build on and integrate perspectives from a broad range of disciplines spanning the social, human and natural sciences, including fields such as design research, geography, planning studies, landscape ecology and landscape science. Human’s use and perception of urban and rural landscapes, understanding of places, and place-making play a prominent role in our research.
































Members of the Research Group

Name Title Phone E-mail
Andreas Aagaard Christensen Postdoc +45 353-31917 E-mail
Anne Louise Cunningham Enrolled PhD Student +45 353-32645 E-mail
Anne Madsbjerg Research assistant +45 353-37886 E-mail
Anne Tietjen Associate professor +45 353-31934 E-mail
Anton Stahl Olafsson Associate professor +45 353-31808 E-mail
Christian Fertner Associate professor +45 353-31782 E-mail
Erling Andersen Senior researcher +45 353-31813 E-mail
Gaoyuan Yang PhD student   E-mail
Gertrud Jørgensen Professor +45 353-31828 E-mail
Hanne Wiemann Nielsen +45 353-31528 E-mail
Hanne Wittorff Tanvig Senior adviser +45 353-31710 E-mail
Henrik Vejre Professor +45 353-31819 E-mail
Jørgen Primdahl Professor +45 353-31822 E-mail
Kamilla Stener Møller Senior adviser +45 353-31630 E-mail
Leneisja Dennie Marija Jungsberg Enrolled PhD Student +45 353-32438 E-mail
Lise Byskov Herslund Associate professor +45 353-31926 E-mail
Lone Søderkvist Kristensen Associate professor +45 353-31831 E-mail
Lotte Ruegaard Petersen PhD fellow +45 353-21382 E-mail
Mariann Hedam Fermi-Erichsen Section secratary +45 353-31818 E-mail
Natalie Marie Gulsrud Associate professor +45 353-31794 E-mail
Ole H. Caspersen Senior researcher +45 353-31835 E-mail
Peng Ding PhD student +45 353-37842 E-mail
Peter Stubkjær Andersen Senior adviser +45 353-31911 E-mail
Rikke Munck Petersen Associate professor +45 353-20416 E-mail
Sara Folvig Academic Officer +4535330858 E-mail
Tongyun Du Enrolled PhD Student +45 353-24869 E-mail
Trine Agervig Carstensen Associate professor +45 353-31840 E-mail
Zhaowu Yu Assistant professor   E-mail

Head of Research Group

Trine Agervig CarstensenTrine Agervig Carstensen
Associate professor

Tel.: +45 35331840