2018: 9.-10. April. Seminar by the Nordic Network for Architecture and Welfare at the University of Copenhagen themed.

2018: Research Seminar on Mass Housing, University of Copenhagen to discuss research strategies with Danish and international experts. Organised by Svava Riesto

2018: Welfare & Landscape. Research Seminar at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Ultuna co-organized by the University of Copenhagen.

2018: Re:Scape seminar at VU Amsterdam themed Constructing Biographies of Welfare Landscapes. Organised by Linde Egberts, Mara de Groot, Svava Riesto and Tom Avermaete.

2018: Advisory board meeting 2 “Current Futures”: presentation and discussion of findings, Copenhagen

2018: Session Public Landscapes of the Postwar City at the Association for Critical Heritage Studies conference Heritage Across Borders in Hangzhou. Organised by Svava Riesto together with Catharina Nolin organize

2017: Advisory board meeting 1 “Present of the past”: excursion, show of material Copenhagen, discussion of research topics.

2017: Ellen Braae: Welfare Landscape and Communities. in K Lotz, D Simpson, KM Raahauge, K Vindum, MJ Jensen & JR Bendsen (ed.), Forming Welfare. The Danish Architecture Press, p. 34-49.