2018 9.-10. April. Seminar by the Nordic Network for Architecture and Welfare at the University of Copenhagen themed. Follow updates here or contact Ellen Braae.

2018 Research Seminar on Mass Housing, University of Copenhagen to discuss research strategies with Danish and international experts. Organised by Svava Riesto

2018 Welfare & Landscape. Research Seminar at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Ultuna co-organized by the University of Copenhagen.

2018 Re:Scape seminar at VU Amsterdam themed Constructing Biographies of Welfare Landscapes Organised by Linde Egberts, Mara de Groot, Svava Riesto and Tom Avermaete.

2018 Advisory board meeting 2 “Current Futures”: presentation and discussion of findings, Copenhagen

2018 Session Public Landscapes of the Postwar City at the Association for Critical Heritage Studies conference Heritage Across Borders in Hangzhou Organised by Svava Riesto together with Catharina Nolin organize

2017 Advisory board meeting 1 “Present of the past”: excursion, show of material Copenhagen, discussion of research topics.

Publications [synes vi skal lægge kommende publikationer på – ellers er det lidt tyndt og vi har mange I pipeline]

2017, Ellen Braae: Welfare Landscape and Communities. in K Lotz, D Simpson, KM Raahauge, K Vindum, MJ Jensen & JR Bendsen (ed.), Forming Welfare. The Danish Architecture Press, p. 34-49.