IGN Administration

Name Title Phone E-mail
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Asker Wessberg Attendant OAO +4535326504 E-mail
Camilla Aabling Head of Administration +4535334657 E-mail
Carsten Jørgensen Attendant +4535334181 E-mail
Carsten Vincentsen Project Finance Administrator +4535326643 E-mail
Charlotte Sejr Administrative Officer +4535328577 E-mail
Charlotte Wessberg Receptionist +4535321530 E-mail
Chrisstine Petersen Project Finance Administrator +4535332717 E-mail
Dina Drifte Jessen Laboratory Assistant +4535326602 E-mail
Dorrit Chris Nielsen Senior Secretary +4535331667 E-mail
Dorthe Hallin Finance Officer +4535325752 E-mail
Elsebeth Rønne Project Finance Administrator +4535331776 E-mail
Helena Lønne Weilguny Laboratory Assistant +4535326964 E-mail
Inge Fisker Hansted Olsen Special Consultant +4535325753 E-mail
Jeanette Kreuger Administrative Officer +4535321520 E-mail
Johan Rothe Denckert Senior Consultant with personnel management +4535331969 E-mail
Jonas Roulund IT Officer +4535331636 E-mail
Julie Leander Kramme Administrative Officer +4535323636 E-mail
Karin Kristensen Finance Officer +4535331912 E-mail
Kent Pørksen Graphic Designer. +4535322456 E-mail
Kitt Vium Bjørn Senior Consultant with personnel management +4535331928 E-mail
Lars Krogh Senior Consultant +4535322524 E-mail
Lone Birgitte Eske Fabrin-Brasted Project Finance Administrator +4535324574 E-mail
Marianne Berit Feldberg Administrative Staff +4535322532 E-mail
Mia Petersen Sullca Administrative Officer +4535322652 E-mail
Michou Delalieux Project Finance Administrator +4535323810 E-mail
Mikala Heckscher Special Consultant +4535325736 E-mail
Morten Agerbo Rasmussen Senior Consultant with personnel management +4535321527 E-mail
Paul Christiansen Attendant +4535322576 E-mail
Tine Faghtmann Project Finance Administrator +4535331979 E-mail
Trine Gregersen Administrative Officer +4535332753 E-mail
Victoria Fjord Forum-Jensen Project Finance Administrator +4535335241 E-mail
Vivian Kvist Johannsen Head of Department +4535331699 E-mail