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Anand Ramesh Sanadi Associate Professor +4535336520 E-mail
Andrea Ponzecchi PhD Fellow +4535331329 E-mail
Annemarie Bastrup-Birk Senior Researcher +4535331897 E-mail
Bruno Bilde Jørgensen Senior Adviser +4535331694 E-mail
Carsten Tom Nørgaard Forest Worker +4535331644 E-mail
Daniel Ploug Hall Industrial PhD   E-mail
Daniel Provazník Enrolled PhD Student   E-mail
Demi Tristan Djajadi Research Assistant +4535333004 E-mail
Ditlev Otto Juel Reventlow Postdoc +4535331916 E-mail
Emil Engelund Thybring Associate Professor - Promotion Programme +4535334433 E-mail
Fabio Pedercini PhD Student   E-mail
Hanne Nina Rasmussen Associate Professor Emerita +4535331703 E-mail
Helle Jakobe Martens Associate Professor +4528960218 E-mail
Ianca Oliveira Borges Enrolled PhD Student   E-mail
Ib Holmgård Sørensen Forest and Landscape Engineer +4535331715 E-mail
Iben Margrete Thomsen Senior Adviser +4535331664 E-mail
Jens-Peter Barnekow Lillesø Senior Researcher +4535331657 E-mail
Johannes H.C. de Koning Assistant Professor +4593850502 E-mail
Jonas Thomsen Research Assistant   E-mail
Julian Christ Postdoc +4535329754 E-mail
Jørgen Bo Larsen Professor Emeritus +4535331688 E-mail
Karsten Raulund-Rasmussen Professor +4535331666 E-mail
Katrine Skovsen Research Assistant +4535320126 E-mail
Lars Graudal Senior Adviser +4535331616 E-mail
Lars Schmidt Senior Adviser +4535331639 E-mail
Lisbeth Garbrecht Thygesen Professor +4535331733 E-mail
Lise-Lotte Løndall Holm Hansen Forest and Landscape Engineer +4535330607 E-mail
Ljubica Butkovic Enrolled PhD Student   E-mail
Magnus Hallas-Møller Assistant Professor +4535332313 E-mail
Maiken Vienberg Engelhardt Academic Research Staff +4535337335 E-mail
Maj Munch Andersen Associate Professor +4535323807 E-mail
Maja Katharina Fjalland Industrial PhD   E-mail
Maja Vasiljevic Visiting Student   E-mail
Maria Rita Meyer Ferraz da Costa Enrolled PhD Student   E-mail
Mathilde Juul Østergaard Research Assistant +4535331595 E-mail
Morten Alban Academic Staff +4520921568 E-mail
Nick Merriman Research Assistant   E-mail
Niclas Scott Bentsen Associate Professor +4535331714 E-mail
Ole Kim Hansen Associate Professor +4535331647 E-mail
Prescott Huntley Brownell II PhD Fellow +4535324839 E-mail
Rachel Maree Kristensen Research Assistant +4535322082 E-mail
Radina Tokin Postdoc +4535326455 E-mail
Rikke Lauge Borchmann Research Assistant   E-mail
Runa Bjerre Henriksen Academic Research Staff   E-mail
Rune Lund Geest Agricultural Technician +4535337439 E-mail
Sune Tjalfe Thomsen Associate Professor +4535336262 E-mail
Søren Brander Assistant Professor +4535331261 E-mail
Søren Michael Nielsen Laboratory Technician +4535336197 E-mail
Søren Moestrup Special Consultant +4535331651 E-mail
Thiago Silva Ramos Enrolled PhD Student   E-mail
Thomas Kudahl Forester +4535331716 E-mail
Thomas Nord-Larsen Senior Researcher +4535331758 E-mail
Timothy Robert Dowse Forest Worker +4535331642 E-mail
Tor Ivan Simonsen Research Assistant +4535336349 E-mail
Torben Riis-Nielsen Special Consultant +4535331625 E-mail
Túlio Caetano Guimarães Enrolled PhD Student   E-mail
Ulrik Braüner Nielsen Senior Researcher +4535331652 E-mail