Anton Stahl Olafsson

Anton Stahl Olafsson

Associate Professor

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I am Associate Professor, PhD in Outdoor Recreation and Green Space Planning.

I work with human-nature relationships in an urban world. I focus on the daily nature in and around cities, on sustainable behavior, including cycling as a mode of transport, on coastal and marine outdoor recreation, as well as on how nature contact promotes sense of place and nature and nature perceptions.

I am interested in how to monitor, map and document the spatial dimensions of people and nature linkages. It includes newer approaches such as PPGIS, social media VGI, and mixed methods, but also more traditional approaches such as questionnaire surveys and qualitative interviews as well as spatial GIS analyses.

I am interested in how knowledge transform into practice and how research can support planning and management in new governance systems.

Key words:

  • Participatory mapping, PPGIS, social media VGI, spatial decision-making
  • Green and blue infrastructure; parks, urban forests, and informal green spaces
  • Outdoor recreation, nature experiences and cultural ecosystem services in various settings from coastal and marine to the countryside and the city.
  • Place values, well-being, and natur perception
  • Planning, management, policy and governance


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